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Hair Salon Sidmouth
Hairdresser Sidmouth
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Hairdressers Sidmouth
Meet The Team
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Hairdresser Sidmouth
Zoe Baker - Salon Owner
Hairdresser Sidmouth
Sam O'Brien - Salon Owner
Hairdresser Sidmouth
Catherine Cochcrane - Senior Stylist
Hairdresser Sidmouth The founder of Lexys.
Hairdresser Sidmouth 30+ years Hairdressing experience
Hairdresser Sidmouth Degree in Teaching
Hairdressers Sidmouth City & Guilds Level 3 in Hairdressing
Hairdressers Sidmouth City & Guilds verifier
Catherine’s passion for hairdressing started back in 1977 whilst she was on holiday at the age of 15. In 1978, Catherine enrolled on a 3 year apprenticeship and qualified with a City & Guilds Level 3 in 1981. Whilst having 2 children, Catherine carried on with hairdressing, developing and learning new techniques  whilst the industry rapidly changed. In 1997, Catherine enrolled in a teaching degree and graduated in 2001. Catherine then went on to become a verifier for City & Guilds and manage a hair academy.

In 2009, Catherine established LEXYS (named after her partner, Lex) and it still stands to this day.

Sarah Pottinger - Junior Stylist
Hairdresser Sidmouth Apprentice
Hairdresser Sidmouth 19 years old
Hairdresser Sidmouth 1 years experience as a hairdresser
Hairdressers Sidmouth Currently studying men’s and women’s hairdressing at Exeter college
Hairdressers Sidmouth Interests in Art, theatre, acting, dancing etc..

Sarah is our freshest member of #TeamLexys. She is quintessentially theatrical and artistic with a real passion for anything creative and hairdressing, a valuable asset and team member indeed.  Welcome to the family Sarah!

Sarah is probably the first person you are likely to see when you come to Lexys, she will greet you, takes your coats and make you a nice warm cuppa.

Sarah’s words: “I am now an apprentice at LEXYS and really enjoy it here. It’s a great opportunity to work with the team and for them to teach me everything they know. I enjoying gaining the experience, dealing with clients and the Buzz of a busy, friendly salon.”

Hairdresser Sidmouth
Hairdresser Sidmouth
Ross Anthony, Salon Manager
Hairdresser Sidmouth Qualified Level 2 & 3
Hairdresser Sidmouth 7 years experience as a hairdresser

Ross has been hairdressing since 2010 and in this amount of time he has been very forward with education and expanding his knowledge. Ross is level 2 and 3 qualified and has also done advanced cutting courses, barbering courses, advanced colour courses and advanced hair up courses. Ross particularly enjoys doing balayage colour techniques and high fashion colour work.

Ross is very educated when it comes to colour and can help you choose the perfect colour to suit you and your lifestyle. Ross is very passionate when it comes to his work and looks forward to meeting guests new and old. Ross has joined the team as a senior stylist and is also the manager of the salon.

Hairdresser Sidmouth
Hairdresser Sidmouth